Serving Galveston

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The best Italian food in Galveston!



Meatballs w/Cheese     $8.50

    Extra Cheese     $1.99

Sausage w/Cheese     $8.50

    Extra Cheese     $1.99

Sausage w/Cheese & Bell Peppers     $9.25

Sausage w/Bell Peppers Only     $8.99

Eggplant Parmigiana     $9.50

Chicken Parmigiana     $9.50

Veal Parmigiana     $9.50

Philly Cheese Steak     $9.99

*Your choice: Bell Pepper & Onion or Mushroom & Onion 

Combination     $7.99

Ham & Cheese     $7.25

Shrimp Po-boy with Fries     $9.99

Spaghetti Dishes

*All Dishes come with Garlic Bread


Spaghetti w/Tomato Sauce     $9.50

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce     $10.99

    Extra Meatballs (each)     $1.99

Spaghetti Mamma Mia     $15.75

Chicken, mushrooms, sausage, meat ball, fresh garlic, red wine, and tomato sauce

Spaghetti w/Mushroom     $11.99

Spaghetti w/Sausage     $12.25

Spaghetti w/Garlic & Olive Oil     $11.25

Spaghetti alla Emanuele     $13.95

Spaghetti Carbonara     $12.50

Spaghetti alla Pescatora     $19.25

Homemade Pasta

Lasagna     $12.95

Baked Ziti     $11.75

Baked Ziti alla Siciliana     $12.95

Cheese Ravioli     $11.99

Meat Ravioli     $11.99

Manicotti     $11.99

Beef Cannelloni     $12.50

Tortellini alla Panna (Meat or Cheese)     $12.95

Tortellini Al Zano (Meat or Cheese)     $13.99

Tortellini Al Ragu (Meat or Cheese)     $12.95

Tortellini alla Michelangelo      $13.95

Tortellini in Red (Meat or Cheese)     $12.95

Fettuccine Alfredo     $12.99

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo     $14.99

Fettuccine w/White Clam Sauce     $13.99

   w/Red Clam Sauce     $14.50

Fettuccine Alfredo w/Shrimp     $16.99

Fettuccine Alfredo w/Crab Meat     $16.99

Fettuccine Alfredo al Rosso     $13.50

Fettuccine Porto Mio     $17.99


"Gino's is good pizza, the best on the island. I recommend getting a large and trying it out. I promise you will be more than satisfied. Real..good..pizza!"

Bonnie Christine McQuage